1976 – Present: Has finalized more than 9000 m2 stained glass and other artistic glass implementations.

1976 – 2011: Implemented more than 8000 m2 stained glass and other artistic glass implementations in 25 cities in Turkey.
1984 – 2011: Implemented more than 1000 m2 stained glass and other artistic glass implementations in 13 countries including US, England, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Holland, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia.


2011 – Nar Art Gallery – “Glass Artists” exhibition – Istanbul.
2010 – “Contemporary art exhibition” in Istanbul
2009 –Istanbul University “Glass Artists” exhibition, Istanbul.
2009 – Stained Glass and other glass implementation personal exhibition, Istanbul.
2009 – Istanbul Technical University ”Stained Glass and other glass implementations” exhibition, Istanbul.
2009 – Ormo Art Gallery art exhibitions, Istanbul.
2009 – “Contemporary touchs in Glass” exhibition, Galeri 5, Istanbul.
2008 – Antalya University G.S.F Art Gallery, Antalya
2008 – “Glass Artists Exhibition”, Izmir
2008 – “Stained Glass and other glass implementation” exhibition in Bakirkoy Artists Union, BASAD, Istanbul.
2008 – “M.Ü.G.S.F.Ö artists and graduates exhibition”,Marmara Fine Arts University, Istanbul.
2008 – “Stained Glass” personal exhibition,Crown Plaza, Istanbul.
2008 – “Glass Artists and Italian Glass Experts” exhibition,Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul
2003 – “Turkish and Japanese artists” exhibition,Topkapi Palace, Istanbul


Izzettin baki has been awarded as 1st in “Glass design competition” which was sponsored by Turkey’s leading glass company, “Sisecam” and Mimar Sinan Üniversity. The design has been used in various products of Sisecam for years.


Founder and Active member of “GlassMuseum” inEskisehir, first and only glass museum inTurkey.
Manager and active member of “Bakirkoy Artists Union”
Member of “U.P.S.D” International Plastic Artists Union


1972-1976: “Decorative Arts”,TatbikiFineArtsUniversity (M.Ü.G.S.F.Ö, Marmara Fine Arts Univerity),Istanbul